2011 - 2012 'Tens'

Gannet in Flight - Ian Mills

The Birds - Piers Plummer

One Red Bill - Philip Koniotes

Tender Moment in the Rut - Bill Thornton

Resting - Graham Humphreys

Poppy - Graham Humphreys

Wreck of SS Maheno - Ian Mills

White Ibis - Philip Koniotes

Scream - Chris Flood

Graffitist at Work - Chris Flood

Krishna Meets Mammon - Chris Flood

Memento Mori - Chris Flood

Eastern Water Dragon - Ian Mills

Mineral Springs, Pamukkale - Angela Karney

A Man for the Occasion - Chris Flood

Furry Pigs Taking a Rest - Chris Flood

Getting Wet - Bill Thornton

Tree Nymph - Bill Thornton

End of the Day - Jane Thomas

Surrey Hills in Mist- Piers Plummer

Walking the Dog - Piers Plummer

Playing on the Beach - Ian Mills

Two Fat Legged Beetles - Angela Karney

Music of Darkness and Light - Chris Flood

Fun on the Dodgems - Miles Thompson

By the Thames - Miles Thompson

Parrot in Flight - Ian Mills

Sunset on the Isle of Grain - Chris Flood

A Tune for St Paddy - Chris Flood

Stormbringer at Sunset - Chris Flood

Abi - Pete Baldrey

Jordana and the Fishing Shed - Pete Baldrey

Looking In - Pete Baldrey

Marlyn's Calm - Pete Baldrey

Queensland Sky - Ian Mills

Light and Shade - Peter Dulley

Connecting Rods - Graham Humphreys

Helicopter - Reg Mullard

Keeping the Culture Alive - Chris Flood

Falling - Chris Flood

Cold Modern - Chris Flood

Glacier, Spitsbergen - Piers Plummer

Heron Online - Reg Mullard

Jackdaws on Watch - Bill Thornton

Into the Mist - Angela Karney

Twiggy - Jane Thomas

A Change in the Weather - Jane Thomas

The Calm before the Storm - Chris Flood

Lost in Thought - Pete Baldrey

Going Nowhere - Jane Thomas