2014 - 2015 'Tens'

Rodeo Girl - Philip Koniotes

Heavy Weather - Ann Smith

Saturday Night Out - Ann Smith

Giraffe Trio - Mike Hall

I'm a Busy Bee - Angela Karney

In the Potting Shed - Jane Thomas

Male Impalas Fighting - Mike Hall

No Zebras Allowed in this River - Mike Hall

Old Bull Buffalo - Mike Hall

Six Spotted Burnet - Bill Thornton

Sunlight on Silos - Sue Morley

Zebras Drinking - Mike Hall

Flytippers will be prosecuted - Simon Moseley

Guns n Roses - Sweet Child o Mine - Simon Moseley

Roof of St Peter's - Simon Moseley

Purple and Yellow - Angela Karney

Yacht in the Mist - Miles Thompson

Cactus Flower - Miles Thompson

Flying Machine - Miles Thompson