2015 - 2016 'Tens'

Escaping the Midday Sun - John Warbrick

Dragonfly - Philip Koniotes

Blue Twilight - Philip Koniotes

The Dee Valley - Ann Smith

A Pattern of Construction - Chris Flood

Yellow and Pink - Ed Hull

Jewels among the Pebbles - Ed Hull

Art Deco Ceiling Light Detail - Ann Smith

Morning Walk on the North Downs - Miles Thompson

Winter's Day - Jane Thomas

Study in Melancholy - Chris Flood

Eye Contact - Ann Smith

Fountain - Ann Smith

In The British Museum - Miles Thompson

River Scene, Georgia - Miles Thompson

Three Varieties of Fuchsia - Simon Moseley

Blackberry, beautiful but viscious - Simon Moseley

Openings, Portal - Simon Moseley

Oxford Backstreet - Simon Moseley

Strasburg Cathedral Organ - Ann Ingram

Dressed to Kill - Chris Flood

Carmine Bee-Eater with Insect for Mate - Mike Hall

Doorway to a Different World - Mike Hall

Impalas Fighting - Mike Hall

Stalking Cheetah - Mike Hall

Openings to the Sea - Chris Flood

Getting Lippy - Pete Baldrey

Snowy Owl - Bill Thornton

Ladybird in a Barleyfield - Miles Thompson

Cypress Trunks and Water Lilies - Miles Thompson

Guarding the Threshold - Chris Flood

Once a Window - Chris Flood

Street Portrait Austin, Texas - Chris Flood

Woman with a Fascinator - Chris Flood

Skipper on Scotch Broom - Bill Thornton

Frost Shards- Ann Smith