Summary of club activities during the 2020-21 season

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions all club meetings in the current programme were held via the Zoom conferencing system.


26 November - A workshop for members who brought along their PDIs for critique and improvement suggestions by other club members. A total of 54 images were discussed in a non-competitive environment and no doubt some of these images, maybe with some further revision, will be submitted in future club competitions.

19 November - Presentation: Around the world in 66 days. Dave Brooker, ex-CCC chairman and honorary club member, gave a photographic insight of his 2019 trip. While he originally planned an AV presentation, broadband speed issues while using Zoom meant he had to revert to a slideshow. This late change did not distract from the quality of the fine photography on show and the very interesting subjects and places visited. His tour started in Dubai before moving on to Singapore, New Zealand (North and South islands), Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Hawaii, and finally the USA (San Francisco and New York). We were entertained with a wonderful selection of spectacular landscapes interspersed with indigenous flora and fauna and interesting architecture and iconic landmarks, which no doubt will have whet many members' appetites for putting some of the places he visited on their own photography bucket list.

The following images, copyright of Dave Brooker and reproduced with permission, is a small sample from his presentation. From left to right: Bay Sands Singapore; Coromandel Peninsula NZ; Cape Farewell NZ; Franz Josef NZ; Porters Pass NZ; Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Dave Brooker1    Dave Brooker2

Dave Brooker3    Dave Brooker4

Dave Brooker5    Dave Brooker6


12 November - David Smith, SPA Chairman, returned to the club this season to judge our 2nd PDI Colour open and set subject (Culinary) competitions. He gave an excellent critique of the 34 entries, equally split between the open and set subject sections, and awarded a maximum score of 10 to two images in each competition. In addition two images in the open and one in the set subject were awarded 9.5. Congratulations to Pete Baldrey and Chris Flood for their winning entries in the open and to Angela Karney and Ann Smith in the set subject competitions.

5 November - Photographer Paul Graber gave an excellent presentation Why do we still shoot monochrome? In the old days one had to choose black and white or colour film and you were then stuck with the result. Despite expectations that monochrome might die out in the digital era it still remains hugely popular. He investigated the reasons for this by discussing some iconic images from the twentieth century before moving on to a selection of his own images and discussing how best to process pictures to obtain good monochrome capturing the mood the photographer wishes to convey. He uses Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to do this with the help of additional software including Nik and Topaz AI. After the interval Paul gave a live demonstration of his monochrome conversion techniques using some pictures sent to him earlier by Cranleigh camera club members.

The following images, copyright of Paul Graber and reproduced with permission, is a sample of Paul’s own photography seen during his presentation.

Paul Graber1    Paul Graber2


29 October - An enjoyable and informal evening reviewing images for the club challenge Some like it hot. As may be expected, members treated the subject in various ways although one or two images could have been deemed as tenuous interpretations of the challenge to say the least! The most common themes were: naked flames; steam; volcanic activity; smoke; and various locations in hot climates.

22 October - There were 32 entries for our first PDI mono open competition. The SPA judge Peter Merry was making his first appearance at the club and gave a good critique of the competition entries together with his reasoning for the marking. He awarded 3 images from Swales Parry, Bev Pegram and Mike Hall a maximum score of 10 and a further 2 images 9.5 points.

15 October - Working ideas - images of new ideas that you have tried recently. Members submitted in excess of 30 images covering a variety of subjects and image genres which included topics such as: macro photography, unconventional UV lighting, digital art, nature, minimalism, landscapes, motion capture, street photography and interior design. Each photographer spoke briefly explaining why and how the images were shot and any reservations they had about them which in turn generated a lot of discussion from other members.

8 October - Roy Williamson critiqued our first PDI colour open competition. There were 34 entries and he fully explained the reasons for his marking. He awarded 4 images from Swales Parry, John Warbrick and Miles Thompson a maximum score of 10 and a further 3 images 9.5 points.

1 October - A workshop for members to bring along their PDIs for critique and improvement suggestions by other club members. It was a useful opportunity to test images and approaches to image-making in a non-competitive atmosphere before entering them in club competitions.

24 September - We commenced the new season with the AGM and the presentation of the 2019-20 annual club awards using the Zoom virtual conferencing system. The acting Chairman presented the annual CCC trophies as follows:

Trophy Awarded to
Colour prints Miles Thompson
Monochrome prints Chris Flood
PDIs Swales Parry
Chairman's challenge Swales Parry
Best image in Exhibition* Norman Price
Annual achievement shield Phil Copestick

* The summary of all 2019-20 annual exhibition awards can be found using this link
Summary of awards

Following the AGM the programme secretary gave a resumé of the proposed programme for the new season and then gave details of the 1 month challenge - Some like it hot which will be critiqued at the club meeting on 29 October.


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