The club year has flown by with its usual wide mix of talks, workshops, competitions, challenges and outings. The committee has met four times and external competitions entered, both with other local clubs and by way of the SPA. After seeking advice a new laptop was purchased, settings re-visited on the digital projector, and these lead to improved sharpness of projected images. My thanks to Miles for his efforts which have benefited all.

As many like to take their annual holiday late summer we began the year on the third Thursday of September. Bev organises a display in Cranleigh Library leading up to this in the hope of attracting new members, and also displaying a poster in our high street showcase near Sainsbury’s, Stockland Square. The membership has dipped this year due, in part, to illness / accidents to regular members. Attracting new members is always a challenge: however, membership fees have remained stable for the time being. The first meeting is very much to welcome back familiar faces and greet new ones, discuss new images and the forthcoming programme, created by Angela, and chat over refreshments.

The programme continued with workshops, competitions and a presentation on Surrey Wildlife and Landscapes by David Southern; this emphasised the use of early morning lighting conditions. During November Rob Irvine talked about selecting and capturing images and turning them into prints, from a professional viewpoint. Several members agreed to help the Lions Club in Cranleigh by providing images taken on Bonfire Night. The club received £100 for the varied photos of the evening, some of which were printed in the local Advertiser newspaper and are to be used for advertising the event in future. The money was put towards the cost of the new lap-top, with the old one being sold to a club member.

Bev and I ran an evening on producing images on a theme to encourage the production of panels for the Annual Exhibition, and there was a notable increase in the number of such entered later in the year for the Themes evening; members came up trumps with their panels produced for the Exhibition. The Set subject of ‘Reflections’ inspired some great images. The Ludshott PS v CCC evening was honours even and CCC will be hosting a return match next season.

In December Sue Morley, a past chairman, returned to judge the annual Match-a-print competition – ladies v gents. Heavily outnumbered the ladies fared well but the gentlemen took the applause at the end. The final evening before Christmas was the Club Party, when members can bring their partner, and we all enjoyed the excellent meal which Mike and Christine Harrison produced. Quizzes courtesy John Warbrick and myself. The following week was an impromptu evening walk around Guildford in the wet, but the weather did lend a helping hand to some surfaces aiding reflections.

In January Ruari Cumming returned with his Hebridean Island Dream, Part 2, which provided an in depth look at island life on Colonsay and Oransey – away from it all. Due to snowy conditions Tom Way’s talk had to be postponed to near the end of the programme. However, when Tom did visit, we were in for a treat and it was well worth waiting for. A young, energetic professional, with exceptional photographic skills and clear enunciation, he talked about the larger animals in Africa during the first half and covered other parts of the world in the second.

The second Set Subject evening, using the word ‘cat’ in the title, provided some excellent interpretations and quite a few cathedrals. In the Three-Way competition with Haslemere and Godalming Cranleigh really had Godalming, a much larger and successful club, getting worried with them only narrowly beating us, and Haslemere coming third. Godalming now wish to drop out of the annual event. Cranleigh has approached Horsham, which has declined, and is awaiting a response from Dorking. Midhurst would be another possibility. We already have a friendly with Ludshott. Chris Flood gave us an interesting evening on his use of Lightroom and Elements. This was followed by Jan Roberts travelogue on the Hawaiian Islands. I wonder how many members may choose that as their next year’s holiday destination.

Whilst the turn out for the Table-top evening was not large it was interesting to see the varied ways in which the same subject was photographed and presented in the results evening. The images presented for the Natural History, Outings and Chairman’s Challenge were varied and enjoyable, providing opportunities to perhaps work outside one’s comfort zone, be inventive and use a variety of skills.

The Annual Exhibition was well supported by all members who worked as a team to produce a showcase to the public with a wide range of work over the many classes. It was appreciated that David Mendus, who judged the Exhibition, was able to visit and see the end result. A superb raffle was organised by Anne Ingram and her husband and refreshment by members, served by Angela and her team, were much appreciated. It is a long and tiring day for all. Swales again walked away with the Best Image in the Exhibition Award. Special thanks to John Warbrick for supporting Swales and enabling him to take part in all the competitions despite Swales’ considerable physical difficulties.

Congratulations are also due to Peter Jillians who achieved his Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society and was able to present his panel to the Club in June.

Mike Hall took over the logging of our Internal Competitions this year. With a particular bent for statistics he has produced interesting comparisons between visiting judges. Ed Hull, Webmaster, will produce a report containing details and analysis for the website. He has extended the site over the year to become a very comprehensive viewpoint for all club matters, and an excellent centre for information on Cranleigh Camera club for anyone to view. Hopefully it will play an important part in attracting new members. Thank you both for your considerable efforts this year.

With the Set Subject Competition the committee have decided to return to the old way of marking i.e. the judge gives a score of 1 – 10, and an extra 5 points may be added if the set subject has been adhered to. The first-round next season will be on “Stone”. It is to be the main subject of the image and may include e.g. stones on the beach, fossils and rocks. Perhaps the definition should be that ‘stone’ is a natural material and not manufactured or manmade. Therefore, concrete or plaster would not qualify, but marble would. A statue carved from marble would qualify, as would a memorial tablet. The second Set Subject will be “Chocolate Box”. How often have we listened to a judge likening an image to a chocolate box? Now is your chance to portray an image you think would persuade a purchaser to buy a box of chocolates. Perhaps an idyllic country cottage or an Ah! photo of a kitten – it’s up to you.

The committee have reviewed the club’s Data Protection Policy and are satisfied that it stands without amendments.

We have four members willing to act as mentors; Pete Baldrey, Mike Hall, Normal Price, and Chris Flood who is willing to run workshops. A fact sheet on camera settings has been sent out to all by Angela.

John Warbrick has compiled a record book of annual award winners, both for the exhibition and other competitions, going back as far as he can. This will be a useful record for the Club, both historically and currently.

Mike Hall and Mike Harrison both had images selected to represent the SPA at Inter Federation level this summer. Congratulations.

Next season starts on Thursday, 19thSeptember. If members can bring along one or two new prints made over the summer, it would make an interesting display. The second week back will be “My Favourite Subject” so please bring along three prints or send in three PDIs (usual method) of the subject you most enjoy photographing, for an evening of general discussion.

I will end my report with an enormous thank you, to each and every one of you, for all the support and help you have given me during the past year, which has been a tough one. We are only a small club of likeminded individuals, with an interest in photography to bond us. It only works because everyone is willing to lend a hand and help in any way they can. However, I am considering putting names into a hat to produce a rota for our evening refreshments next season. It’s not fair that it’s the same faces behind the counter each week!

Have a good summer break.

Ann Smith, ARPS. Chairman.

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