2017-18 SEASON

Thanks to Angela Karney the Club has enjoyed a full and varied programme again this year. The Committee has met four times; regular, seasonal and external competitions have come and gone; workshops and practical evenings undertaken; presentations enjoyed and seasonal events taken place. On top of this the Club rules have been re-visited, Data Protection investigated and the website updated. Quite a list!

Members began the year with fresh images to share, welcoming new members, details of the forthcoming programme and refreshments. This was followed by a practical workshop and critique to assist newer members to find their feet. Chris Flood was able to organise a couple of sessions on camera technique. A practical evening of table top photography followed with an opportunity the following week to view results. October also saw the first rounds of regular competitions for colour and monochrome prints and PDIs. This was the first time that the Club had only one class for each discipline, rather than Club and Advanced Classes. The marking regime for Set Subjects also changed with the judge being asked to award between 1 and 5 points for how well the set subject was portrayed. This has proved to be unpopular so next season the old way of a bonus 5 points being awarded will be re-introduced, with the Committee being the final arbitrator.

A presentation on Street Art by Marilyn Taylor was followed by one on Aerial photography, by Geoffrey Lee, involving both civil and military aircraft. Swales presented a talk on Accreditations and the year ended with the traditional Christmas meal, superbly presented by Mike and Christine Harrison.

After Christmas Astrid McGrechan presented her talk "Feel the Land: Landscape Photography and Emotion", and members had the opportunity to present their own themed mini talks. Severe weather in March forced an evening’s closure but the following week a three-way battle with Godalming and Haslemere Clubs saw Cranleigh gaining second place to Godalming.

After Easter John Nathan took the Club "A Long Way South" to countries at the foot of the world, including images of Antarctica before the Annual Exhibition in early April. This was judged by David Smith, LRPS, and congratulations to Swales on his print "Stag at Bay" which gained best image. A new glass trophy has been purchased for the Award, and certificates will be presented, instead of cups, for the various sections. The Exhibition was a great success, thanks to everyone pulling their weight in a real team effort.

Annual competitions have been well supported and members still have Rachel Talibart’s lecture on "Storms and Tempest" and Chris Flood’s South West America, to come.

Cranleigh has entered all the Surrey Photographic Association Inter Club Competitions run, with its best success in May in the PDI Nature trophy, coming joint 4th, when Mike Hall won a Selector’s Medal for "Jackals – showing submissive behaviour". The Club had 13 images accepted for the SPA Biennial Exhibition, with John Warbrick gaining a Selector’s Award for "Ships of the desert arriving for work after sandstorm".

Eight outings were arranged during the year, and following one to Denbies to see a photographic exhibition, Nigel Chapman ran some instruction sessions at RHS Wisley for interested members.

Your Committee have been busy over the year. It was decided to change Insurance Company to gain wider cover, and to open a deposit account for £3,000 of Club funds. Signatories have been changed. With closure of the bank in Cranleigh the Treasurer (Bev) would appreciate it if, where possible, subscriptions and entry fees could be paid by cheque.

The Club Flickr account now has Phillipa McLelland and Miles Thompson as Joint Administrators. They have yet to put forward fresh plans for the site.

Ed Hull has taken over as Webmaster and has done a fantastic amount of work in up-dating the site which now provides so much more information. Jane had done a sterling amount in the past but felt she would like a change. Thank you both for your efforts.

On 15th March an EGM was held to ratify new, updated Club Rules, along with those for the Competitions and Annual Exhibition. These were agreed unanimously. This felt a mammoth task and took over three months to achieve, with many revisions along the way. A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed in any way.

With the advent of new Data Protection Legislation, a Data Protection Policy for the Club has been written and posted on the website. Guidance for the annual revision of this policy has also been written and is held by the Hon. Secretary. When annual Club subscriptions are due each member will be asked to fill in a small form giving some personal, relevant, information which will be kept secure by certain Club Officers.

Thanks are due to so many: your Committee who help and guide in so many ways, and Mike Harrison who organises not only the Baptist Church Hall for our use, but also with refreshments on a weekly basis, setting out the hall and numerous other little jobs. Miles, who keeps me on the straight and narrow, and calms me down when necessary, and Bev as Treasurer. Chris Flood who took Publicity off my shoulders and Chris Rogers, a most able Secretary and who took on so much of the Annual Exhibition. Angela Karney for organising a balanced and entertaining programme, and all the other little jobs she seems to be involved with, and John Warbrick for taking on the SPA Biennial Exhibition representative role. And last but not least Jane, who keeps records of the competition scores. I would like to conclude my report by thanking all the members for supporting me so well during the year – without you I couldn’t have done it.

Ann Smith
Chairman, Cranleigh Camera Club.

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