The Club’s season covering September 2019 to June 2020 has been necessarily curtailed by a third due to the lockdown imposed by Government due to the Covid-19 crisis which, at the time of writing, is ongoing. Hence the postponement of the AGM.

The programme consisted of a mix of competitions, workshops, talks and discussions by visiting photographers and members and social events. Member participation was encouraged wherever possible. David Smith gave an enlightening presentation on ‘The Great Silk Road’, Tony Baverstock presented an evening on ‘Panels for Accreditation and other stuff’, and Geoffrey Lee returned with an updated presentation entitled ‘Planefocus’ which was so interesting that members were happy to let him over-run well past 10 pm.

Thanks to the hard work of Mike and Christine Harrison members were able to enjoy their culinary expertise at our Christmas Social, which was very well attended and much enjoyed by all. A few outings were enjoyed by some, and these are often a source of images for future competitions, besides being an enjoyable opportunity to socialise and discuss photographic matters. The continuance of these may well be a way forward to engage with each other whilst social distancing.

The Annual Exhibition attracted a goodly entry and was swiftly judged by Don Morley. Although results of his adjudication have been published, with Norman Price gaining the ‘Best Image of the Exhibition’, the presentation of the Exhibition in Cranleigh Village Hall had to be postponed due to the Corona virus lockdown. A future date of October 23rd has been booked but at this point in time all future plans are in the laps of the gods. Currently all the prints are being held by Chris Rogers, Hon. Secretary, awaiting the light of day and the lifting of restrictions.

The committee met on two occasions but have been unable to meet for the other two which were scheduled due to lockdown.

Due to the shortened programme the results of the regular image competitions have had to be decided on the score after the fourth round, so congratulations to Miles Thompson – Colour Prints, Chris Flood – Mono Prints and Swales Parry - PDIs. Swales Parry was the winner of the Chairman’s Challenge Competition for which the subject this year was Inclement Weather. The results have gone out with the Update of 28th May, and those members who participate in the Facebook workshop, recently started by Pete Baldrey on a Thursday evening, have the chance to discuss the results during a session. Congratulations also go to Tony Baverstock for gaining his ARPS, and Swales Parry for achieving his BPE4* award over recent months.

Ed Hull has continued to be a most efficient and inventive web master, and his contribution to the success of the Club should not be under-estimated, presenting the face of the Club to the public, and a wealth of information to members as well.

Due to home problems I have reluctantly made the decision to step down and Miles Thompson, Vice-chairman, has kindly agreed to hold the reins until an AGM can be re-organised, probably in September, for a new Chairman to be elected. Until lockdown and social distancing have been relaxed it is impossible to plan anything regarding the future of the Club and the programme, and the Committee will have to keep the matter under review.

Without the hard work and co-operation of the committee, and indeed all club members, Cranleigh Camera Club could not operate as well and happily as it does. Thank you, and well done everyone.

Ann Smith ARPS

Chairman, Cranleigh Camera Club
28th May 2020.




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