Data Protection Policy of Cranleigh Camera Club


Cranleigh Camera Club is a data controller within the UK and exists for the benefit of members and those interested in photography.
Cranleigh Camera Club collects and holds personal data about:

    • Club Members.
    • Other persons (such as Judges, speakers) as necessary for the conduct of the business of Cranleigh Camera Club
    • Photographers as the creators of images used in the legitimate activities of Cranleigh Camera Club.

The personal information referred to in this Policy comprises:

    • Basic member contact details only i.e. member's name, address, telephone number and email address.
    • Information required for the effective administration of the club, such as membership records e.g. contact details, payment of subscriptions, competition entries and results, Club Officers and other appointees.
    • Other records and essential club documents such as minutes of Committee and AGM minutes, catalogues, results, awards, or other matters publicity related to the objectives of Cranleigh Camera Club.

Cranleigh Camera Club reserves the right to publish the name of entrants and the titles of any pictures or images submitted to internal and external competitions and exhibitions.

Any person wishing to verify their personal data as held by Cranleigh Camera Club may apply to the Secretary. No charge will be made for this and any inaccuracies found will be corrected by the Club. Personal Data of members who do not rejoin at the start of the club year in September will be deleted not later than the end of the following November.

Members are asked to agree to receive by e-mail updates and information on club activities as issued by the club from time to time.

Cranleigh Camera Club cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for data that is “in transit” over the internet. However, once received, any data will be held securely, where Cranleigh Camera Club has a legitimate interest. Member details will be held by Cranleigh Camera Club in accordance with its Data Protection Policy, which is available on its website or on request from the Secretary.


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