The annual exhibition awards for 2017-18

The Stag at Bay by Swales Parry was judged best image in show


Stag at Bay

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** Best image in show      HC = Highly Commended      Judge - David Smith LRPS

Section 1 - Monochrome Prints, Open Subject
1st 48 Buildwas Abbey Peter Short
2nd 52 Windmill - Woodchurch Swales Parry
3rd 29 Egyptian Goose Gosling John Warbrick
HC 14 Traffic Mirror C Bev Pegram ARPS
HC 20 Relaxed Chris Flood ARPS
HC 40 Cyclamen Miles Thompson
Section 2 - Monochrome Prints, Landscape
1st 65 Yosemite Falls in Spate Chris Flood LRPS
2nd 64 Homage to Ansel Adams Chris Flood LRPS
3rd 79 Dead Trees at Dead Vlei, Namibia Mike Hall
HC 68 Elterwater Copse David Culley
HC 78 Dolomite Landscape Mike Hall
HC 82 Arundel Cathedral Miles Thompson
Section 3 - Colour Prints, Open Subject
1st 94  Goth Finery Ann Smith ARPS
2nd 160 The Ship Inn - Saltburn Swales Parry
3rd 109 In the Mojave Desert Chris Flood LRPS
HC 112 A New Orleans Character Chris Flood LRPS
HC 144 Polygonum Flowers Miles Thompson
HC 157 Eagle Owl Flying Low Swales Parry
Section 4 - Colour Prints, Landscape
1st 174 Blue Mesa, Arizona Chris Flood ARPS
2nd 176 Buttermere Sunrise Davd Culley
3rd 161 Tranquility Angela Karney
HC 172 Thoughts of Japan Chris Flood LRPS
HC 193 Clevedon Pier Miles Thompson
HC 204 The Lone Sycamore Swales Parry
Section 5 - Colour Prints, Nature
1st      ** 239 Stag at Bay Swales Parry
2nd 227 Reedbuck Plagued by Flies Mike Hall
3rd 210 Cape Weaver Bird Anne Ingram
HC 208 Garden Spider Ann Smith ARPS
HC 213 Watsonia - Table Mountain Anne Ingram
HC 222 Lion with Kill - Maasi Mara John Warbrick
Section 6 - Prints, Digital Art
1st 243 Staircase Chris Flood LRPS
2nd 2nd Mandala #2 Chris Flood LRPS
3rd 241 San Antonio Bokeh Chris Flood LRPS
Section 7 - Portraits
1st 251 New Orleans Street Portrait Chris Flood LRPS
2nd 248 A Very Old Lady Chris Flood LRPS
3rd 249 A London Geisha Chris Flood LRPS
HC 250 London Street Portrait Chris Flood LRPS
HC 254 Amelia Pete Baldrey
HC 255 One Eye on Amelia Pete Baldrey
Section 8 - Projected, Open Subject
1st 302 St Paul's Swales Parry
2nd 301 House in School Lane Swales Parry
3rd 294 Mondie to the Side Pete Bldrey
HC 267 Gherkin Reflections C Bev Pegram ARPS
HC 285 Yellow-billed Hornbill Mike Hall
HC 289 Tulips Miles Thompson
Section 9 - Projected, Landscape
1st 333 Autumn - Loch Achtriochtan Swales Parry
2nd 335 Lady Hill - Wensleydale Swales Parry
3rd 329 Son et Lumiere, Kew 2017 Miles Thompson
HC 305 Seeking Solitude Ann Smith ARPS
HC 322 The Rockies - Alberta, Canada John Warbrick
HC 336 The Ings from Friar's Crag Swales Parry
Section 10 - Projected, Nature
1st 359 Jackals - Submissive Behaviour Mike Hall
2nd 352 Female Gerenuk Antelope John Warbrick
3rd 364 Southern Masked Weaver Mike Harrison
HC 340 Owl Butterfly Wing Detail Ann Smith ARPS
HC 369 Gannet - For the Nest Swales Parry
HC 370 Red Deer Family Swales Parry
Section 11 - Projected, Digital Art
1st 377 Metal Leaf Peter Short
2nd 376 Something's Coming Peter Short
3rd 373 Autumnal Whirl Ann Smith ARPS
Section 12 - PDI Panels
1st 378 Irish Hearths C18 & C19 Ann Smith ARPS
2nd 380 Water Pot Making Village Jonathan Harrison
3rd 381 Dance on the Beach Pete Baldrey
Section 13 - Print Panels
1st 383 What's the Point Ann Smith ARPS
2nd 386 Ludlow Castle, July 2017 Peter Short
3rd 382 The Giant's Causeway Ann Smith ARPS