Club competition rules


These are the Competition Rules for the Cranleigh Camera Club for internal Club Competitions. The print and PDI (projected digital images) sizes are in line with those stipulated for SPA interclub competitions, as is the PDI mode; this is to minimize the required adjustments to those images which are subsequently entered in external SPA competitions. The format of the image titles for PDIs is similar to that required by the SPA.

Internal competitions

Internal competitions are open to all fully paid-up members.

All images submitted for competitions must be the work of the entrant.

The club cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss occurring to any work submitted in competitions.

During the season there are 5 internal Club Competitions, each of which has three sections:

The title of each image will be announced by the officiating Club member immediately prior to being viewed by the judge. If an image is to be judged as natural history the scientific name should be supplied as part of the title.

Open Subject: Two images per section per member per round of the competition.

Set Subject: One image per section complying with the Set Subject gains 5 bonus marks for compliance at the judge's discretion (Committee has final decision in case of complaint) and one Open Subject image per member per round of the competition.

Judging: The judge can award marks in the range 1-10 with half marks permissible. The judge's decision is final except in the case of the set subject compliance, where it rests with the Club's Committee.

An image may only be entered twice unless it gains a 10 on its first showing, in which case it cannot be entered again.

The second showing of an image may be entered in a different section; for example, a colour print may be converted to monochrome and a PDI may be shown as a print or vice versa

Members should raise a score sheet (Club supplied) for each section of the competition in which they are participating at the first round of the competition. They must record the marks gained by their images on the score sheets. It is their responsibility that these are correctly recorded. Score sheets are to be returned to the folder at the end of each competition evening and should not be removed from the Club.

For the PDI competition, completion of a score sheet is not mandatory as the scores are recorded by the competition software.

Members should arrange amongst themselves for the showing of prints and recording of the marks awarded when they cannot attend in person.

The Internal Competition Secretary will collate the scores into a spreadsheet for each section following each round of the competition and arrange with the Club's webmaster for the spreadsheets to be uploaded to the Club website, (

Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints

The maximum size including mount is 40cm x 50cm (NB. NOT 16 inches by 20 inches).

The entries should be brought in on the night of the competition.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

The maximum size is 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high and should be on a black background. The image must fit within these dimensions.
Images must be in JPEG format (.jpg).

The image mode should be sRGB. Any images supplied in any other colour space will be projected as supplied.

PDIs should be attached to an email and sent to:

All images must be received by the Sunday immediately preceding the competition night so that they can be included in the competition.

For full instructions on how to submit your PDIs please see the Club website.

Best print and PDI competition

After the completion of the 5th round of the internal Club Competition, there is a further competition in which a judge is invited to select a First, Second,Third and a number of Highly Commended / Commended images as he/she thinks fit from:

It excludes any image winning the Best print and PDI competition previously and no image may be entered in the Best Print and PDI Competition on more than one occasion.

In addition the committee, at its discretion, may also allow 1 highest scoring image from any member who has not achieved a 10 or a 1st in any of the club competitions that year. It may also consider allowing images scoring 9.5 in any of the 5 rounds of the main competitions to be included as well.

Also on the same evening, each Club member will be invited to select the 15 images (5 in each section) which he/she considers to be the best. These choices will also feed into the selection process for the SPA interclub competition and the external competitions for the following season. The final selection to be made by a sub-committee of three members comprising the External Competitions Secretary, the Chairman and Vice Chairman. (Substitutions may be made if any member of the sub-committee is unavailable to participate).


The format and rules for the Chairman's Challenge each year are decided by the Club Chairman.


a. The Club's Annual Exhibition is open to all fully paid up members. All images submitted for the Club's Annual Exhibition must be the work of the entrant. Prints may be either home or commercially printed. Images may be of any age.

b. The Annual Exhibition shall be held each Spring. Images previously shown in an Annual Exhibition are not eligible. Club Competition Rules shall apply except that any image which has scored ten or has been entered twice in competition may also be entered in the Exhibition.

c.   All entries for the Annual Exhibition must be submitted by a deadline to be determined by the Committee.

d.  The categories of images for the Annual Exhibition shall be:-

e.  Section 1 - 7 : Prints are to be no larger than 40cm x 50cm (including mounts).
     Sections 1 - 11: The maximum number of entries per member per section shall be 4.

      (If the number of prints submitted exceeds the available hanging space the Club reserves the right to eliminate the fourth image in any one section.)

    Sections 12 & 13: Members may enter 2 panels in each of the panel sections.

    Section 13: Print panels - 5 to a maximum of 9 related prints. If entering two panels these may both be colour or monochrome or one of each.

f.  A certificate shall be awarded for the best entry in each section. In addition, a trophy shall be awarded for the best entry in the Annual Exhibition.

g.  Queries or complaints must be addressed to the Secretary in writing. The Judge's decisions are final.

h.  The Club cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss occurring to any work submitted in the Club's Annual Exhibition.


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