PDI Resize and Formatting Program

This program will take an image file in .jpg format, resize and format it, and the filename, to comply with PDI competition requirements.


The program (pdisetup.exe) is available for download from the club website in the Members’ Section.
Running this program will install the resizing program and put an optional shortcut on your desktop (Don’t worry about the Windows warning messages. The software is perfectly safe. It is just Windows being over protective!).

User Guidelines

Once installed the program can be run by clicking on the desktop icon.
Click on 'Command Menu' to show the options.

Resize image

Selecting this option opens another window to enable you to browse your folders and select your image file (which must be in .jpg format).
The Image File Information window will open to display the Photographer's Name, Photograph Title and Image File Naming Convention fields:-

  • Photographer's Name:
        enter your name (once entered this will be the default)
  • Photograph Title:
        this will default to the name of the selected image file but can be changed as required.
  • Image File Naming Convention:
       select either
            'Club class open image' for Open Subject competitions
            'Club class set subject' for Set Subject competitions

    (Note: 'Advanced class open image' and 'Advanced class set subject' are redundant options and should be ignored).

Select Resize

The resized image will be displayed. A black 'canvas' will be added to the image if necessary to increase the image file dimensions to the standard size required for the PDI competition.
The resized image file will be added to the same folder the original image was selected from.
A message is then displayed giving the file name of the resized image and the option to view the image.
Please check the resized image quality to ensure that you are happy (sharpening etc). The image display window can be increased in size by dragging one of the corners. Clear PDI settings.... Resets program settings (name etc.) and exits the program,


Selecting this will give a brief program overview and the contact details of the developer.



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