CCC - Best print and PDI competition 2021

Image 1
1st - Dripping tap by Mike Hall
Image 2
2nd - Magdalena by Pete Baldrey
Image 3
3rd - Caught in fast flowing waters by Angela Karney
Image 4
Highly Commended - Fork and spoon by Ed Hull
Image 5
Highly Commended - Brown Pelican Meets River Cooter, South Carolina by Chris Flood
Image 6
Highly Commended - Giraffe at waterhole by Mike Hall
Image 7
Highly Commended - Go Fetch by Swales Parry
Image 8
Commended - Lioness with juvenile and cub - Maasai Mara by John Warbrick
Image 9
Commended - Colonnade - Bexhill-on-Sea by Swales Parry
Image 10
Commended - Looking up - Becontree Brass Band by Norman Price
Image 11
Commended - Red Devil parachutists in tandem by John Warbrick
Image 12
Commended - Double dance by Pete Baldrey
Image 13
Commended - Hebridean colours by Ann Smith
Image 14
Commended - Gannets - Mating pair by Swales Parry
Image 15
Commended - Spring by Ann Smith
Image 16
Commended - St Pauls from the Tate by Miles Thompson
Image 17
Commended - Street portrait of an elderly man by Chris Flood


Cranleigh Camera Club

CCC is a small friendly club catering for people of all ages and photographic abilities and is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Surrey Photographic Association.

If you enjoy photography and may be looking to improve your photographic skills, or wish to share your photographic experiences with other like minded people, then please come along to one of our meetings. The "About Us" tab above provides more information about the club and how to find us. You can also find us on the Cranleigh Camera Club Group Facebook page on the internet. (See "Useful Links" on this page to access our Facebook site.)


Future meetings

The Cranleigh Camera Club is pleased to announce it will resume face to face meetings in the "school room" at the rear of the Cranleigh Baptist church from 23 September 2021. Initially, as a precautionary measure, attendance will be subject to the following conditions:

For members who still feel unable to attend face to face club meetings the club is actively exploring, with the church authorities, the possibility of simultaneous live streaming meetings via the Zoom web conferencing programme and further details will follow when some remaining technical issues are resolved.

All the above remains under constant review and may change in line with Government guidelines in force whereby members will be informed accordingly.



Roundup of recent club activities from last season

(For the full summary of all club meetings go to our Activities page.)

All winning competition entries can be seen in the Gallery or by using the links or other viewing instructions in the summaries below.)

3 June - The AGM followed by the announcement of the 2020-21 club awards. It is hoped that the trophies can be presented when we meet at the church hall in September.

Trophy Awarded to
Colour prints Mike Hall
Monochrome prints Chris Flood
Reg Mullard trophy Chris Flood
Chairman's challenge Ann Smith
Best print and PDI Mike Hall
Annual achievement shield Swales Parry

27 May  - An excellent presentation by Polina Plotnikova Starting from a blank canvas - creative flower portraiture and still life.

She describes her approach to flower portraiture as being similar to portrait photography. For every flower and plant she photographs she always tries to find a unique look, study its mood and character and unlock its hidden beauty. In doing so, she neither aims at creating an accurate natural/botanical image nor tries to shoot a flower in its natural habitat. What matters to her is the creative interpretation of a flower image.

During the still life session she discussed composition, light, textures and colours when creating still life setups and how she always starts by creating an image in her mind's eye before proceeding to take photographs only after all details have been thought through. With the aid of a few schematic illustrations she demonstrated the various stages of putting together a still life setup together with the studio hardware used.

The following images, copyright of Polina Plotnikova and reproduced with permission, is a sample of her photography.

PP1    PP2

PP3    PP4


20 May  - The Best print and PDI competition was judged by Tony Baverstock. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic restrictions, we had no prints this year only PDIs. After holding seventeen images back for a second showing Tony selected Mike Hall's image as the eventual competition winner.

  Photographer Title
1 Mike Hall  Dripping tap
2 Pete Baldrey  Magdalena
3 Angela Karney  Caught in fast flowing waters
HC Ed Hull  Fork and spoon
HC Chris Flood  Brown Pelican meets River Cooter, South Carolina
HC Mike Hall  Giraffe at waterhole
HC Swales Parry  Go fetch
C John Warbrick  Lioness with juvenile & cub - Maasai Mara
C Swales Parry  Colonnade - Bexhill-on-Sea
C Norman Price Looking up - Becontree Brass Band
C John Warbrick  Red Devil parachutists in tandem
C Pete Baldrey  Double dance
C Ann Smith  Hebridean colours
C Swales Parry  Gannets - mating pair
C Ann Smith  Spring
C Miles Thompson  St Pauls from the Tate
C Chris Flood  Street portrait of an elderly man

HC=Highly Commended   C=Commended

All the above images can be seen in the scrolling gallery at the top of this page.

13 May  - Members ably demonstrated their creative skills in interpreting the 3-of-a-kind challenge. Some photographed a single subject in three ways, for example by changing lighting for each image, using built-in camera filter functions or changing camera settings such as aperture/ISO to alter the visual dynamics of the photo. Others produced a triptych based on a single theme such as a public event, wall art, a flower taken at different times of day, or a subject viewed from various angles. Others used software packages to produce three interesting visual effects.

6 May  - Due to Covid-19 travel and meeting restrictions we had to cancel the annual outside events competition. In its place members were asked to present up to four images taken during the past year. The judge, Dave Brooker, joined us to discuss the images and went on to show some photos he had taken during this time. He then demonstrated how he uses Affinity software by post processing a few of his own pictures.
An enjoyable evening where we learned how interesting subjects can still be found close to home - in your garden, on a local walk or in your house.



Latest News


All meetings commence at 7:45pm for 8:00pm start

Thursday 23 September 2021

Members and prospective new members are invited to an informal Welcome back evening. We will announce the new season's programme and provide details of the 1 month challege.

Members are also requested to bring along three or four of their recent prints or prints they particularly like.

Thursday 30 September 2021

A workshop for members to bring along two or three images for other members to discuss and offer any suggestions for improvements - provides, in an informal environment, a valuable opportunity to review pictures that may be used in future competitions. Please submit your PDI images to Phil Copestick by Sunday 26 September.

Thursday 7 October 2021

A still life presentation by club member Norman Price.

Thursday 14 October 2021

1st Colour prints competition to be judged by Rob Bonfield.


The new club programme for 2021-22 can be accessed from the programme tab above. This could be subject to change for a variety of reasons so always check this website for any updates.



No date set

The next trip to be announced soon.

As an alternative to group outings, we have compiled a list of places you may like to visit in your own time.

See the outside events programme for more details of the suggested venues


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