3 OF A KIND - a non-competitive evening for everyone

Produce 3 prints of a single subject as a PDI panel. You can submit more panels if you wish. The idea is to encourage experimentation and thinking ‘outside the box’ and not taking just one shot. This could include changing:

  • angles
  • depth of view
  • lens
  • viewing point
  • lighting
  • contrast, etc.

Whether or not you use Photoshop or a similar programme to alter/enhance your subject is up to you, but this exercise is to encourage creativity, understanding of how your camera works and what options are open to you. Below is a demonstration to show the idea behind the exercise. Members need not give details about the image but will probably wish to explain what they were aiming to achieve as the above takes quite a lot of work.

Basically you could make an A3 canvas and copy the images onto it before flattening and saving. Ensure the dpi of the images matches that of the A3 canvas (see also ‘PDI panel instructions’ on our website under the ‘Notes’ tab). Finally change the flattened composite to 1600 x 1200 px. to make it suitable as a single PDI projection.  Landscape format is recommended for projection purposes.

3 of a kind

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