2024 CCC Annual Exhibition Category Winners

Image 1
Prints, Mono open - Peloton by Chris Flood
Image 2
Prints, Mono landscape - Two trees on a golf course by Miles Thompson
Image 3
Exhibition prints, Colour open - Pipes of a different hue by Angela Karney
Image 4
Prints, Colour landscape - On Thursley Common by Chris Flood
Image 5
Prints, Color nature - Elephants enjoying the dust by Mike Hall
Image 6
Prints, Digital art - We plough the fields by Donna Gorin
Image 7
Prints, Portrait - Street portrait by Pete Baldrey
Image 8
Projected, Open - Abstracts in ice by Ann Smith
Image 9
Projected, Landscape - Namibia with dune by Elizabeth Bulley
Image 10
Projected, Nature - Four-spotted chasers mating in flight by Ann Smith
Image 11
Projected, Digital art - The Sensation Of Speed by Tim Cheshire
Image 12
Projected, Panel - Bathroom capers by Ann Smithh


Cranleigh Camera Club

CCC is a small friendly club catering for people of all ages and photographic abilities and is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Surrey Photographic Association.

If you enjoy photography and may be looking to improve your photographic skills, or wish to share your photographic experiences with other like minded people, then please come along to one of our meetings. The "About Us" tab above provides more information about the club and how to find us. You can also find us on the Cranleigh Camera Club Group Facebook page on the internet. (See "Useful Links" on this page to access our Facebook site.)


Roundup of recent club activities

(For a full summary of all previous club meetings go to Activities archive page and select the year.)

9 May  - 'Anything goes' evening. The session commenced with Stefan Foryszewki telling us about his recent experimentation with IR photography. He showed the results from using various filters on a camera converted to full spectrum to achieve different effects: 590nm - false colour, 665nm - false colour and black and white, 720nm - mainly black and white, 830nm - black and white only.
Norman Price followed with a short tutorial on how to add steam and rain/snow to an image in Photoshop. Norman's method for creating steam involved the following sequence: making a new black layer, drawing on it with a white brush, blurring the layer using Gaussian blur and finally altering the blend mode to screen. His method for adding rain/snow involved: making a new solid black layer and adding noise/expanding the new layer to emphasise the noise, adding motion blur and finally changing the blend mode to screen.
Anne Smith returned to the earlier IR theme by showing a wonderful selection of her IR images all taken on a 720nm modified camera and her images cleary demonstrated the influence of weather and lighting on the resulting IR effect achieved.
Ed Hull then demonstrated how he created a 'painterly image' using a simple technique in Photoshop by adding different texture layers above and below a duplicate copy of the background layer with a mask to separate the subject from the background thereby sandwiching the duplicate image layer between the texture layers. Different blend modes and opacities were applied to each layer (background layer excepted) until the desired effect was realised.
Finally Ken Lindup introduced us to his macro images created using a proprietary UV light source. He explained that what you actually saw when illuminating an object with UV light was the reflection from the subject in the visible spectrum but that not every subject was suitable for UV photography as it depended on the subject's reflective properties. He explained that one of the main problems was the inability of the naked eye to see UV light, which he emphasised was dangerous to try and view directly. Effectively you were setting up the picture in the dark but by switching to a visible light source for managing the shot and then switching back to UV helped.
In all a very informative and enjoyable evening!

2 May  - Keith Newton LRPS judged 22 PDIs and 25 prints in our 5th and final PDI and Mono print competitions. In the monochrome prints competition he gave a score of 10 to images from: Pete Baldrey, Ron Boon, Donna Gorin and Mike Hall and similarly in the PDI competition to the images from Mike Hall, Angela Karney, Ann Smith and Norman Price

The winning monochrome images were:

Street portrait by Pete Baldrey and Stillness by Ron Boon.

Summer grasses by Donna Gorin and Curious lion cub by Mike Hall.

The winning PDI images were:

Broken reed by Mike Hall and Autumn leaves by Angela Karney.

Summer grasses by Ann Smith and A welcome drink by Norman Price.

25 April A presentation by Julian Elliott - Mongolia - From Steppe to Eagle Hunters. A journey from Mongolia's capital to the Altai in the country's far west.

Julian has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for over 10 years. Having started writing for a number of British UK photography magazines he started selling his work through the world renowned Getty Images. To date his work has sold in over 40 countries and he has traveled in nearly 40 countries capturing the world around him.

In his talk Julian took us on a journey through this vast country and we heared how he captured the vast landscapes, the people that inhabit them and their culture. During the presentation we watched how he switched from being a landscape photographer to travel and to sports photographer, finishing with photographs of the Mongolian Eagle Festival.

The following images are copyright of Julian Elliott.

1    2


18 April - David Smith LRPS CPAGB judged the 35 entries in our 5th and final colour print competition of the season. After an excellent critique of each image he held back 13 for a second viewing before awarding a maximum score of 10 points to the images from Elizabeth Bulley, Ed Hull, Angela Karrney and Miles Thompson.

EB         EH
Dublin opera house by Elizbeth Bulley and Diffraction through glass and grid by Ed Hull

AK    MT
Pipes of a different hue by Angela Karney and Lavender field by Miles Thompson

11 April - Cranleigh hosted the 2-way interclub competion with Ludshott which was judged by Sheena Rogers ARPS. Congratulations to Ludshott Camera Club winning both the Nature and Open sections with a very strong selection of images. The overall points awarded were:

Section Cranleigh Camera Club Ludshott Camera Club
Nature   88.5   91.5
Open 161.0 169.0
Total 249.5 260.5

Cranleigh club members can view the full table of results in the members area using this link Table of results.



Latest News


Club announcement

Congratulations to Angela Karney for achieving the Badge Award (BPAGB) for Photographic Merit (APM) from the PAGB for her prints. A fantastic achievement and well deserved for a talented club photographer.




Doors open at 7:45pm for 8:00pm start

Unless stated otherwise all club meetings in 2023-24 will be held in the school room at the rear of the Baptist Church in St James's Place, Cranleigh.


Thursday 23 May 2024

The best print and PDI competition which will be judged by David Smith LRPS CPAGB. Eligible images include:

The list of eligible prints will be sent to members. Eligible PDIs will be extracted directly from Dicentra and members who have qualifying mono/colour prints need to bring them along to the meeting.

Any member who may not have achieved the automatic qualifying scores may also submit one of their own highest scoring images shown in club competitions this year.

See the competition rules for more details Competition rules.

In addition each Club member will be invited to select the 15 images (5 PDIs, 5 colour prints and 5 mono prints) which he/she considers to be the best. These choices will feed into the selection process for the SPA interclub competitions and other external competitions next season.


Thursday 30 May 2024

Bring your camera along to the meeting for a walkabout challenge
Note: this meeting is provisional and may be subject to change.

The club programme for 2023-24 can be seen using the programme tab above.




There are no further outside club events planned at this point in time


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